This CBD Gel Is Great for My Aches, Pains, and Even Bug Bites

As the pandemic rolls along, and time becomes even more and more of a distant memory, I’ve taken to three things: stress relief, mindfulness, and dealing with all of the bugs in my house. Calming down and breathing easy is important, and something that helps me take a step back is CBD. While CBD gummies are great for sleeping, and tinctures are excellent for travel, I’ve wanted something I can etch into my routine, or use to ease aches, pains, and even bug bites.

I recently tested out the new hemp infused Cooling Gel from Charlotte’s Web, and it’s become my new favorite product. It comes in this tiny, sleek pump bottle, that delivers a dime sized amount per pump. The gel itself almost looks like a Dijon mustard. I rub it on my skin wherever I have a little pain, sometimes my temples if I’m getting a headache, over sore and achy joints and muscles, but my favorite use is for when I have a bug bite I can’t stop scratching. The gel is infused with 510 MG of CBD, as well as menthol and arnica to produce a cooling sensation that tingles the skin and the nostrils. There’s an element of aromatherapy to it as well; the smell is soothing, centering, and best of all, the gel itself doesn’t leave any sort of residue or ickiness on the skin. I pretty much just rub some on, smell some good smells, and go on with my day as if nothing happened at all.

The Cooling Gel is great because of its versatility. Whereas gummies and tinctures feel like they have more specific uses, I feel like whenever I need a little soothing and calming feeling, I can turn to my Cooling Gel and be sure it’ll get the job done just fine. 

CBD Cooling Gel

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