Political Mail Tool Helps Candidates Mail Postcards, Support the USPS

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political mail postcard

political mail postcard

Richmond-based martech firm, Taradel LLC, creates all-in-one platform to help candidates design, print, and mail voter outreach postcards that support the USPS.

Every sale we make directly supports the United States Postal Service.”

— Jim Fitzgerald

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, USA, August 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As political campaigns ramp up voter outreach efforts, Taradel’s recently-unveiled political mail platform provides candidates with the ability to create and mail postcards in minutes — while simultaneously supporting the USPS and popular vote-by-mail initiatives.

Earlier this year, the company’s platform placed as a finalist for ‘Most Innovative Poli-Tech Startup” at the 2020 Reed Awards, a prestigious annual event hosted by Campaigns and Elections to showcase excellence in the political campaign industry.

“Our technology was originally designed to help businesses reach customers through the mail,” says Jim Fitzgerald, founder and CEO. “We soon discovered that we could re-tool our services in such a way to help candidates reach voters in their district. We ran with the idea, partnered with L2 on the data-side, and created something special. As an added benefit, every sale we make directly supports the United States Postal Service.”

The self-service platform helps candidates identify voters in their district (based on geography) and deploy turnkey postcard marketing campaigns. Key features include a map-based targeting tool with options ranging from school precincts to congressional districts, built-in access to L2’s database of 190 million regularly-updated voter records, and nearly one hundred free, professionally-designed postcard templates.

“Not everybody knows this, but the USPS also gives political advertisers the opportunity to run free digital ads with direct mail campaigns,” says Wendy Urquhart, SVP of business development at Taradel. “Informed Delivery provides registered users with digital scans of their mail, via email, before it’s delivered. Within these emails, advertisers can run banner ads that link directly to their website. The open rates are high and it’s free.”

According to 2019 Postal Service annual reports to Congress, marketing mail makes up 53% of mail volume and generates 23% of overall revenue. While these numbers have declined steadily for years, political mail continues to outperform expectations and grow.

During the 2016 election, the average registered voter in the U.S. received 24 pieces of mail from political campaigns. “Political Mail Revenue this cycle (2016) is $563 million, tracking above goal by 31%,” David E. Williams, the USPS’s chief operating officer, told the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee.

Political Mail volume grew 58 percent from 2014 to 2018.


About Taradel
Founded in 2003 by serial entrepreneur, Jim Fitzgerald, Taradel is a perennial Inc. 5000 martech company specializing in marketing solutions for business applications. To date, advertisers have deployed more than 250 million Every Door Direct Mail® and digital ads using the company’s platform. To learn more visit https://www.taradel.com/

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