New Trulieve TruKief Cannabis Line Debuts, High THC Products Available

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TruKief, a new product that is significantly rich in THC, has been publicly launched by the Trulieve Company. This is a brand new product that will likely cause a fresh storm of excitement in the wider cannabis market. The new substance, which was released today with much fanfare, has been released for dispensation across several outlets within the market in the Florida State.

Truelieve is a top-performing and leading company that deals in various brands of cannabis products. It operates in the United States. The great announcement of this product is expected to continue extending the wide variety of high-quality cannabis substances that are aimed to help patients living within Florida region.

It Offers a Powerful Choice

At the same time, TruKief intends to offer patients an attractive choice ranged against the option offered by a product like TruFlower. This should help patients successfully manage the different strains of the substance which usually consists of Hybrid, Indica and Sativa.

TruKief is essentially a type of medicine which comes from the flower plant. It is a cost-effective raw cannabinoid solution that is generally administered by inhalation. Typically, it also offers a higher cannabinoid percentage compared to the raw flower. Besides, TrueKief is mechanically isolated.

The temperatures must be controlled, particularly from the various flower-processing centers. The substance is recognized as a high potency product which is derived from flower. Furthermore, the item is generally characterized by lesser plant material. This helps to reduce the potential risks associated with irritation.

Product Minimizes Costs

Trulieve Company’s chief marketing officer, Valda Coryat had this to comment:

“For patients who want to minimize the cost of treatment in securing relief as well as those who want to carry out an experimental flexibility or people who desire concentrates that have no solvents, Trulieve is here to act as a top source of such product. Moreover, we are armed with the resources of accessibility and quality with regards to our newly launched option, which is the celebrated TruKeif product.”

The brand new TruKief is expected to be available in the chain of dispensaries run by Trulieve as well as through online orders. Thus, it can be picked up in either curbsides or stores for onward delivery soon after the order is placed.

The Facts on Trulieve

Trulieve is typically a “seed to sale” vertically integrated company. It is the largest and first company that deals with medical cannabis in the region of Florida State.

Usually, Trulieve produces and cultivates all of its wares in-house before distributing the items to specially branded Truelieve dispensaries or stores that are scattered throughout Florida State.

At the same time, the products are usually distributed to patients directly through the home delivery service. Moreover, Trulieve also serves other areas across the United States including regions that are as far away as Connecticut, California and Massachusetts states.

Finally, Trulieve is among companies that currently boast a listing in the Canadian Securities Exchange, where it uses the easily recognizable TCNNF symbol.

If you want to learn more about the exploits of Trulieve, you can visit their website at

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