Marijuana not so bad for you, won't turn your hair green

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says cannabis won’t make your teeth fall out or turn your hair green – and criminalising it is an injustice to thousands of people every year.

And she says it’s not as bad for your health as legal substances tobacco or alcohol, a claim backed up by an expert panel’s work that was published yesterday.

Her comments come on the back of a new poll showing a tight race for the September referendum on legalising cannabis for recreational use, with 48 per cent support in favour and 43 per cent opposed.

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Clark, who has previously thrown her support behind a ‘yes’ vote, made the comments during a Drug Foundation- and Helen Clark Foundation-hosted webinar this morning called “The case for ‘yes’”.

“Let’s get real here. This is a widely-used recreational drug that is less harmful to individual health than tobacco and alcohol,” Clark told the webinar.

“Most Kiwis will use it in their lifetime. They know their teeth don’t fall out and their hair doesn’t go green. Most…

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