Letter: USPS solution: No junk mail

Letter: USPS solution: No junk mail

To the editor — I don’t know about the rest of you, but the vast majority of my daily mailbox delivery is often filled with unsolicited and unwanted junk mail of some type. Now the post office says it won’t be able to handle all the upcoming “real” mail; you know, like ballots, cards, packages, medications, online purchases, letters, bills and things we really need.

I propose a simple solution. Effective Oct. 1, the USPS should be ordered to stop its receipt and delivery of all junk mail through Nov. 15 so that any election cycle materials can be processed effectively. Since it will prove successful, they repeat this process on Dec. 1 through the Christmas season and any unprocessed junk mail can be recycled to avoid our landfills, like we routinely do ongoing.

This will cut down on current overtime and late delivery issues the Postal Service is experiencing, and after a few months without junk mail, there will be no mass uprising or protests from we the people!


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