Google Docs Rolls Out Enhanced Braille and Verbalization Assistance

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A magnifying glass over the Google Docs icon.

Google is producing it a lot easier for folks to navigate Docs, Sheets, or Slides when making use of refreshable braille displays and verbalization application. New improvements involve a keyboard shortcut to toggle braille assistance, enhanced verbalization accuracy, and verbal announcements for misspellings and grammar errors.

In the previous, customers had to allow and disable braille assistance via the Accessibility menu in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. The new Ctrl+Alt+H (or CMD+Alternative+H on Mac) keyboard shortcut saves customers from digging about the Accessibility menu every single time they want to toggle braille assistance.

Enhanced verbalization assistance guarantees that customers usually know their cursor place when navigating documents. Docs, Sheets, and Slides now announce exactly where the cursor moves to, along with the contents of any table, slide, or cell. Today’s update also adds verbalization assistance for pictures, misspellings, and grammar errors in documents—a function that appears lengthy overdue.

Google suggests that you update your browser and your assistive technologies to take benefit of these new functions and improvements.

Supply: Google through Engadget

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