Cops found 39 cannabis plants in bedroom – woman admitted being the ‘gardener’

A woman admitted to the police she was the gardener of a cannabis farm found in her home after they attended following reports of a domestic disturbance.

Wendy Higginson, 48, was found outside the house in Irlam alongside a man by officers who were investigating the reports.

However, when they searched the house they discovered a tent containing 39 cannabis plants, some were 2m tall, as well as lighting and heating, Manchester Crown Court heard.

The cannabis was said to be worth between £6,000 and £10,000 once yielded and sold on the streets.

After arresting Higginson, they also found a bag containing 24 wraps of cocaine, as well as a mobile phone which included instructions from the man she was with detailing how to look after the plants.

Manchester Crown Court
(Image: Manchester Evening News)

In a police interview she admitted to being the ‘gardener’ of the plants and said she was a class A drug user, which explained the wraps of cocaine found.

Higginson, of Irlam, pleaded guilty to producing a controlled drug of class B drugs and possession of cocaine.

Today she was sentenced to a two year community order.

Outlining the facts of the case prosecutor Rob Hall said the drugs were found on July 9 last year at 12.50pm when police attended a house on Falcon Drive after reports of a domestic disturbance between Higgingson and a man.

“It would appear that his conduct was different from her conduct,” Mr Hall said.

“He decided to lie to the police…

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