Champagne-Flavored CBD Gummies

Champagne-Flavored CBD Gummies

Not Pot is expanding its range of fruit-flavored vegan CBD gummies with an all-new flavor inspired by champagne. Launching soon, the Pink Champagne flavor takes inspiration from life’s celebratory moments. As ever, the CBD gummies are lab-tested, drug-free and made without any artificial ingredients—or as Not Pot calls it, “the sketchy stuff.”

In place of gelatin, Not Pot uses pectin as a plant-based alternative, and the gummies get their tint from natural sources like fruits, veggies and spices. For its vegan CBD gummies, Not Pot settled on a dose of CBD to support healthy wellness. The brand’s gummies also contain L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea that Not Pot describes as “nature’s Xanax.”

To introduce its newest flavor to consumers, Not Pot is hosting a social media giveaway.

Image Credit: Not Pot

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