Beast Pharm CBD: New Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Added to Eddie Hall's Brand

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The company that makes the Alpha Bottle shaker supplement, Alpha Designs, had recently decided to help the 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall expand his Beast brand, and this time not with a custom fitness product. The Beast brand is very much appreciated in the world of fitness and nutrition. It’s also set to include a whole new full spectrum CBD brand that the legendary Eddie Hall is already using, a brand called Beast Pharm.

Beast Pharm to Soon Launch in the UK

Eddie Hall’s CBD brand Beast Pharm will soon be available for purchase in the UK, in a variety of compositions and flavors. The products will include gummies in different fruit flavors at 25 mg CBD for a piece, a CBD-infused balm for massages with ½ g of CBD per jar, and tincture bottles containing 2g of full-spectrum CBD, both flavored and unflavored.

Sign-Up on the Official Beast Pharm Website Open

There’s no set or exact launch date for the full spectrum Beast Pharm, but the brand is set to be introduced very soon. Those who can’t wait for more information and time can sign up on the Beast Pharm official website to receive a notification for the live launch and to get a 10% discount coupon code. To contact the company and ask further questions, consumers can reach out to Beast Pharm here

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