$5K Pot Dispensary Licensing Fee Approved In Tinley Park

$5K Pot Dispensary Licensing Fee Approved In Tinley Park

TINLEY PARK, IL — Marijuana dispensaries will have to pay a $5,000 business licensing fee if they’d like to open in Tinley Park. That’s in addition to fees they’d have to pay at the state level, according to trustees who approved the fee at a committee of the whole meeting Tuesday night.

“With the amount of time our staff and attorneys put into this, $5,000 is nothing if they (the dispensaries) are going to bring in millions,” Tinley Park Trustee Michael Glotz said.

The $5,000 fee was at the high end of what Tinley Park village staff recommended enacting. While some Illinois municipalities have gone with as little as no fee at all, a staff representative in Tinley Park Tuesday night said the recommendation was to enact one from between $2,000 and $5,000, “depending on how aggressive we want to get.”

Trustee Bill Brennan said the higher the fee the better because he was “against this to begin with” and now would like to see the village receive as much revenue as possible from a dispensary opening in town.

Michael Mueller, another trustee, disagreed and said he’d be “comfortable” with the $2,000 fee and making it as high as $3,500 to start.

Other discussion from trustees on the issue reinforced the need for the dispensaries to hire their own security officer and to open in specifically zoned areas that at this time are limited to Harlem Avenue, La Grange Road or 159th Street.

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